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You & Your appreciate your passion for family and the years of precious memories that are made. We feel exactly the same. Only since our daughter was born in 2014, did we realise just how quickly our little ones grow and change.

There are so many exciting milestones, from the first smiles, the first laugh, those amusing facial expressions and noises, the tastes of food, their first words, the start of crawling to the first steps. Wow! Where did that year go? If only we could capture every moment to look back on.

At You & Your we have spent many hours watching, filming and photographing these moments of our own little girl to create a time capsule for us to look back on in years to come.

We would love to create this for you too. From a teeny newborn’s yawns, stretches and tiny feet, a baby weaning and playing, to a tot toddling around doing what they do… And beyond!

You & Your capture the ‘real’ moments of your precious ones through film and photographs providing years of smiles ahead.