Film on the day - We capture the important moments and clips we feel necessary to add to your film. Weddings are all unique and so if there is anything you feel that may be a special addition to your day and would like to have it caught on film, please mention it in advance so we can do our best to capture it. 

Throughout the wedding day, we film in roughly 5-30 second clips to capture the moments we feel are needed for the film. We use small, mirror-less cameras, which are less intrusive and capture beautiful imagery. Filming can be quite complex and we often need to make adjustments manually rather than rely on auto settings so we can capture the best for you - with this in mind, sometimes we need a moment to adapt to new light situations etc.

To capture the best audio, we use a small audio mic which we will often ask the groom to wear during the ceremony and any additional persons speaking during the speeches or readings.

Light, glorious light - Natural light is best when it comes to filming. 

Our style of cinematography isn't traditional, but more of an art and we shoot to the eye to capture lighting situations as they are. We won't disturb a situation to amend your lighting on the day, although at times may suggest making the most of a better light situation - ie, morning prep closer to a window or taking the chance to enjoy the sunset. 

Post production - Our clients choose us as they enjoy our films and trust our ability for creative style. Like an artist, a cinematographer has a vision of how each individual film is going to become. During the edit, many hours are spent creating your film. It is a well-thought-out process, piecing all aspects together to create a film which closely reflects; and is unique to your day.

Music - This can be of very personal choice, we find that being left the creative control of choosing music to suit the flow of the film tends to work best, but we are always happy to hear of your music tastes to try and accommodate this. We pay for a license which allows us access to a huge array of non-commercial music, which means you are able to share your film as you wish.

Ceremony + Speeches - If you are keen to have the full ceremony and speeches filmed, we need to know in advance and so this can be selected as an extra add-on on the booking form. If this option is chosen, it will be a raw edit and included as an extra file on your USB. 

Your film will be ready within approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on our workload at the time. The film will be uploaded on Vimeo via a private link, which you may view and share amongst your friends and family. Also we will send you a USB of your film, but we always recommend you backing your film up via another source as well.


we Recommend that you check with the church/registrar that filming can take place, as they sometimes charge an extra fee.