1. Identity and contact information

This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is provided by Sarah Harris trading as Harris Films (“Harris Films”, “me”, or “I”), of 1 Hill House, The Mall, Brading, Isle of Wight.

This Notice also explains how Harris Films complies with GDPR. Sarah Harris is both the controller and a processor of all personal data collected.

2. Compliance declaration

Both Sarah and this website,, comply with the GDPR. The GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. This Notice is updated whenever changes are made to relevant data protection legislation.

3. Your rights under the GDPR

Under the GDPR, you have a number of different rights relating to your personal data and how it is processed. They are as follows:

  • Right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data.
  • Right to access your personal data, and any supplementary information which constitutes personal data.
  • Right to have your personal data rectified; this means you can ask me to correct your personal data if it changes, turns out to be inaccurate, or is incomplete.
  • Right to have your personal data deleted; this means that you have the right to request the deletion or removal of your personal data. There are some circumstances when you do not have this right.
  • Right to restrict me processing your personal data.
  • Right to data portability.
  • Right to object to me processing your personal data.
  • Rights related to automated decision making including profiling.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, you may do so at any time by emailing me at youandyourbookings [at]

4. The data I collect, how I use it and why

Cookies and website visitor tracking

When using this website, you have the choice to agree to or decline cookies. Cookies are small files installed on your browser device that allow websites like this, and many others, to find out more about your browsing behaviour. For Harris Films, the purpose of using cookies is to better understand visitor demographics to this site so that improvements can be made, as well as informing marketing and sales strategies in the future.

This website makes use of several cookies, most notably ones relating to Google Analytics.

The lawful basis for the use of these cookies is your given consent. Since May 2018, this website has made use of a Cookie Notice that actively seeks confirmation of your acceptance or denial to the use of cookies.

Client contact information

On occasion I use (an online video-sharing platform) to provide my client with their finished film. I upload the video as a private link to send directly to the client(s), not sharing any information about the client (with exception of their christian names to distinguish the file name, and the visuals of those details/persons who appear in the film - i.e: wedding party guests, wedding location etc).

I use personal data, provided directly and voluntarily to me by clients, for two purposes. The first is to carry out my contractual obligations. This means that it’s information I need to do my job. This personal data includes, names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and further information which I need to complete your photography requirements.

I may at times use, an online platform for sending larger files (where possible I will directly send you the link to your uploaded film/photographs, rather than using your direct email to send the files via WeTransfer).

More detailed information

If you want to contact me with questions about your personal data, wish to exercise any of your rights or ask me further detailed questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

5. Sharing information with third parties

Other than those third parties mentioned in this Notice and listed below, Harris films shall not pass your personal data to any third party.

Your personal data may, subject to my obligations to comply with data protection legislation, be shared with the following third parties:

  •, a video-sharing platform
  •, CRM software for contract and invoice management; ( Privacy policy)
  • as explained above.
  • Assistant videographers who join me on wedding shoots and need information to be able to do their job; ie: name, location address, contact number for relevant persons.
  • In certain circumstances I may also share your personal data with third party media businesses for the purposes of marketing my offerings, improving my services, and running a profitable business. These third party businesses may include; wedding magazines/publications, wedding websites, social media sites, or other outlets, with the aim of raising public awareness of my business.

6. Security, storage and data retention

Harris Films stores your personal data with the database –  this is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm and Harris Films will retain full details of your personal data for as long as it takes to complete your videography/photography requirements. I will delete your personal data within two years after completion of your videography/photography requirements. If you would like me to delete your personal data before this time, you have to right to request me to do so.

7. Your consent

By using this site and/or engaging me in providing a service, you agree to be bound by this Notice.

8. Your right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to be bound by this Notice at any time. If you wish to do so, please use the contact form below. You also have the right, as set out above, to withdraw your consent to my processing your personal data.